Monday, June 3, 2013

About The Girl Behind The Screen

Normally I suck at writing about me, because unfortunately I don't know what to write. I personally believe not everyone would care to know about the person or their lives. But you should at least know who exactly IS the person, their purpose for something, to continuing being interest in them.
If you aren't interested you can just skip to where it says My Passion. So here goes nothing really, LOL.
I'm Julissa.
I was born in le month of love on the 28th (February 28th)
I'm fifteen.
I live with both of my parents, and my little sister in the "Guido" state other known as New Jersey.
I'm Dominican, i'm very much connected with my culture, I speak Spanish,  I'm in LOVE with our food, and still learning how to dance Bachata and Mergenue.
If you were to see me in the hallways, you would normally see me being bubbly to everyone in the hallways, and impersonating Glozell, ThisIsACommentary, LuanLegacy, and Jenna Marbles. And also going boycrazying LOLOL
I enjoy geeky things, I am in LOVEEEEEE with Doctor Who. I think  I can go a whole day talking about Doctor Who. I would rather read than watch a movie, and I enjoy googling history of historical places.
I am hoping to travel around my traveling bucketlist.
Oh! I am diagnose with A.D.D.( Attention Deficity Disorder) and slightly with Anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder).
But let me inform you, I'm not the "Annoying" type, I'm more of the forgetful, slightly disorganized, (or what I prefer to call "creative chaos"), and zoning out type.
It does affect me in school, i won't lie, but it has it's perks. For instance, I would could zone people out and get my job done first. I'm first in my classes. But I do tend to forget homework at times, or forget how to do a certain problem in math.
BUT that's a little bit about me, now onto to WHY i created this blog.

My passion for makeup came from watching Michelle Phan's Hastune Miku tutorial, and I was in awe in how makeup from Sephora, Drug stores, and etc can make you look like a doll! I was hooked. Considering my hands aren't artsy, I had difficulty with eyeliner, eyeshadows, and my eyebrows (until this day with eyebrows.) but after a while, i got the hang of it, then i went to foundation and concealer (wasn't hard at all). Now I'll let you know I wouldn't even get drugstore brand yet. I got like Beauty Depot stuff, like 2 dollars for a eyeshadow palette, dollar store eyeliner, and etc. Then i moved up to L'Oreal, New York Color, Maybelline, and etc. Now you can imagine the trill i got when my mom bought me my first Sephora Collection which was Sephora Colorful eyeshadow palette in Pin Up Snow, Sephora Classical All over brush, and Eyeshadow Primer. I was in LOVE.
Now in this journey, I've realized most of my friends or girls my age don't know exactly WHAT they're doing. Then it came to me I should help other people who don't know about much makeup. but mind that basically everyone is doing that. But girls my age can't always ask for 200 dollars and get everything in Sephora or Ultra. Which is okay, because there are some companies where their products are equivalent to high-end brands. People believe in order to look your best you must splurge, which isn't true. So in that case, I believe to help people with makeup, and expand their horizon. (:

Now on to hair,
Ever since I could remember I hated HATED my curly hair. I would get relaxers, keratin, and straighten my hair constantly. Until I completely damaged my hair that i had to chop off my hair, in which my hair was waist-length, all gone to Dora's length.) When I was eleven, i desperately wanted my hair to grow back longer and faster, so I decided that i wanted to stop putting relaxers in my hair. But still it was still getting damaged, i would literally go to the salon every Saturday. Heat Damage. Then when i was fourteen, i would spent hours learning how to grow my hair and maintaining it healthy. Because my hair was dry, and had hay texture. I went to the salon, cut off my split ends,and from there I would buy hair masks, oils, and leave them in for hours. Now my hair felt soft, and had very few split ends. Then i came across this online article that said reasons why to go natural. After i read it, i searched up ways on how to maintain it, anti-frizz, and etc. Now I made a pact that i would try to grow my hair by the end of Summer 2013, which swears off heat, leaving my hair curly, and maintaining it's care. That's actually what I started doing, and my hair at the moment is few inches pass collarbone length, and my goal is to grow reach my boobies length.

Now you know my purpose of this blog, now I really hope you enjoy it and keep along my journey. We all aren't perfect, and please follow me! Where I'll show you makeup at great prices, tutorials, and join me along my hair journey~
Instagram- Personal: Miss_Nostalgia & Makeup: Beauty_geekx3
Twitter: Julissaaaaax3

Thank you and have a wonderful Day!


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