Wednesday, June 5, 2013

E.L.F Cosmetics

If you were to ask me what was my favorite drugstore brand, I would say E.L.F without hesitant. I needed a reliable drugstore brand in case I wanted to practice on some makeup. Something along my personal price range, because I being a teenager it's a tough world to find a job at fifteen unless it's babysitting. Which I won't start until the summer, so on occasions when I do get money, I tend to get along 20 dollars. Though back on my birth-week, I had a Quinces, and got loads of money. Considering my personal finance class got the best out of me, I decided it would be appropriate if I were to be frugal on some personal items( i.e makeup). Granted, I didn't say ALL personal items, (gotcha there!) So of course, I did spend 54 dollars at getting a Stila gel eyeliner, Smashbox HD concealer, and Sephora rouge lipstick.  Now you must understand that I didn't have many brushes at the time. Hell i still dont. I shared with my mother her Baremineral foundation and blush brushes, along with a crease brush from target I would use as an all overshadow brush. What's the point in splurging on brushes when I didn't even have any practice with them yet. So i searched up makeup brushes on Google, looking for good brushes at an affordable price. Then came E.L.F. (Eyeslipsface)
How did you get hooked on E.L.F?
Really I absolutely love E.L.F products. I normally buy it for dupes. As in an example,  instead of buying Make Up For Ever HD blush, I would buy the E.L.F's version instead. Then if I really did love it I would buy the pricier product afterwards. If I could make their slogan it would be, "Little goes a long way" Some products are just shocking you only paid 1 dollar for concealer NO WAY!! I've bought the Toning correcting concealer, the shiny lip gloss, the small smudge brush, angled, C brush, concealer brushes. Along with the eyelid primer and eyelash curlers. The only one product I do not like is the eyelash curler, I accidentally got mascara on it, and it feels as if someone it yanking my eyelashes because it sticks ON to my eyelashes. Overall, I don't have high expectations, I do not expect my concealer to give me coverage for the WHOLE day and not crease. Just you know being a teenage girl with a tight budget, i don't want to splurge on foundation (let's say)  when i don't even know how to not make it cakey. I would recommend it for dupes or for beginners.
Starting yesterday they made a sale on 50% on their best seller products, so you know I obviously got on that! I bought 14 products for 29.35 (not including shipping and taxes). I will do a review maybe even my first video on E.L.F haul when it arrives. ^_^

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