Thursday, June 20, 2013

E.L.F Haul

I have been so caught up with school and my personal life. I had absolute no time to even check my blog or anything. I sowwie (◞‸◟;). But!! On the bright side, there is no more worries. I finished taking my finals and school year is over!! Well...tomorrow is my last day but oh well. More time to be a lazy sloth, and hang out with friends! Oh and vacation! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ. BUT ANYWHO enough about all of this.

Let's talk about my........ E.L.F Haul!!!

So E.L.F.  had this sale of 50% off their best sellers. So being the unemployed teen that I am, I asked my mom if I could buy some things online. Considering the products are so inexpensive and it being HALF off, she agreed to let me buy some stuff. I purchased 13 things and the total came to 23 dollars but plus shipping and tax. (Curse you shipping and taxes.) the complete total was 32.05. Another thing I didn't like was that it took ages for it to come. I ordered it on the 5th, it didn't ship until it was the 10th, and didn't come here until the 14th. Now I can't complain, because I ordered from E.L.F from the past, and it took only three days for my order to come here. But considering it was a huge sale, I suppose that's why it took so long. But here!
First thing up is the Essential Lip Stain in Crimson Crush

Now, my mom got the Nude Nectar, and that what is exactly the name, nude. Just barely makes a different, and it dried out. But THIS one, omg. It has been a week now and it hasnt dried up yet.

Next is the Stipple brush

I honestly only have one con about the brush but if anything their Studio line brushes are the best!! I have five and including the ones that come with the concealer and eyebrow kit, I have 7. The only con is the fact it sheds like a LITTLE bit, like literally it only shed two "hair". But it's so soft and easy to use, i love it so much. 

Next is the eyebrow kit, I think this is my current favorite product. I honestly hate doing ANYTHING with my eyebrows, whenever i filled them out with an eyebrow pencil, i felt like I looked like Big Foot's sister. But this kit, is so easy to use, the darker side which is the wax to define and shape the brows, while the lighter is use to fill the brows in. I honestly love this product so much, i even use the little brush, sue me!

The HD Blushes are the best!! I can't obsess how much their my favorite BLUSH at the moment, I got the colors in Encore and Diva. The swatches are diva on the left and Encore on the right. A little goes a long way, if you honestly apply alot you will look like Bozo the clown, I know i did when I thought my definition of little was "little". But these are long lasting and so pretty and pigmented. 

This product WOULD be good if I picked the right shade, so knowing the summer is coming up and I decided to get Dark instead of medium. By the swatches you can see it's TOO dark, i think the lightest shade, the one on the left would be great, i mean i know at the moment it's too dark. But it does give coverage!!
I got the Mineral Infused Primer in brightening lavender to see if there would be any difference in the clear primer I have from BareMineral, and it DOES brighten my skin!! I love it, but it's not for a daily use though.  If you go back to the swatches of the blushes you'll see a speck of the primer.

The E.L.F translucent Matifying Power is great for my overly oily nose. ;-;. It does the job without making me looking cakey, which is a plus for anyone really except for clowns, but still!!.

Lastly is the E.L.F baked blush that I was supposed to order in Peachy Keen, but I got it in Passion Pink accidentally. I use it as a topcoat for my blushes for a shimmery effect.  And for some odd reason it won't upload. .-. 
That's all I got, even though i said thirteen and I only talked about 9 things, the other four are my mothers and it's just a gold eyeliner, stiffle brush, and a lip stain. 
I'll see you later on today, but I'm off to get ready to hang out and pick up my sister!!


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