Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I've been procrastinating around not knowing exactly what to write about, then it hit me. Imperfections. There is not one human being in this world who can say they do not have one imperfection. I mean let's be honest here, in some point in our lives, we start realizing an imperfection. After we spot that imperfection, we start obsessing over that imperfection, and we'll jump the first opportunity to make it disappear. People even go to the extreme to nose jobs, boobs job, and etc. Then there's others who would do as simply contouring your nose (which gives the illusion of slimmer nose). We all have imperfections, and i'll even listen you mine.

I believe to have a wide nose.
I have dark spots that I believe is noticeable.
I have flabby arms.
and so far.
But honestly in my opinion, I believe imperfections are what create us humans. They help define the difference in all of us. But enjoy your imperfections guys! <3

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